Safe Dining only @ Mandilicious

DINE-IN SAFELY ONLY @ Mandilicious – Exclusive Private Dining Restaurant

In view of the Corona Virus Pandemic we have undertaken a slew of measures for your safe dining experience at Mandilicious – Mask Check, Temperature Check for all staff/visitors, Hand Sanitizing Stations, Enforce Social Distance, Staff wear gloves and mask always, Contactless Ordering, Contactless Payment, Cleaning and disinfecting common touch points, floor, tables, wash rooms more frequently, enhanced cleaning procedures for raw materials and kitchen surfaces.

Customer Entry Restrictions

  1. Mask Mandatory
  2. Temperature <99.6F
  3. No cough/cold symptoms
  4. Download and install Arogya Setu App

Customer contact area

  1. Regular sweeping and mopping of floor area with disinfectant.
  2. After every table turnover – 
    • Wait for 5min
    • Cleaning and Sanitization of tables, remotes, tvs with disinfectant
    • High temperature steam on carpets and curtains
  3. Regular sanitization of washrooms, lift, hand rails, door knobs, doors.
  4. Enforce social distancing.

Contactless Dining
Your dining experience can be completely contactless or with minimum contact. This is only possible at Mandilicious. From the moment you enter the premises till you exit, you can have almost zero contact with our staff. Our customers can enjoy privacy and safety in all of our private dining cabins. Along with private dining customers can enjoy Free Wifi and Live TV*. Each private cabin is unique and allotted based on occupancy. Please book in advance as the cabins are limited.

  1. Make prior appointment over phone. Order can also be placed on phone to keep ready.
  2. Sanitizer available at entrance and in every private dining cabin.
  3. Entry Register is maintained for all, please co-operate. Details of all visitors with phone numbers is a must.
  4. Find your way to your private dining cabin or ask the manager.
  5. Contactless ordering on digital menu by scanning QR code. (In process)
  6. Waiter with gloves and mask will bring hot food to the table.
  7. Additional orders can be placed on digital menu or told to waiter.
  8. Check bill and pay via QR code.
  9. Thank you and Visit again.

Staff’s health and hygiene

  1. Staff are checked for Temperature and symptoms everytime they enter the premises.
  2. Mandatory social distancing and usage of personal protection kit.
  3. Staff have been trained on maintaining good hygiene.
  4. Mandatory for staff to use Arogya Setu


  1. Cleaning of vegetables and other raw materials as per guidelines of FSSAI.
  2. Regular washing, rinsing and wiping of kitchen surfaces.
  3. Dishwashing with disinfectant and dish drying.
  4. Scheduled cleaning and maintenance of refrigerators.
  5. Regular disposal of waste.
  6. End of day deep cleaning, sanitizing and fumigation.

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